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Sweep in Peace by Ilona Adrews Review

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Sweep in Peace  - Ilona Andrews

Sweep in Peace by Ilona Andrews Elaine Howlin Book Blog Review


Sweep in Peace picks up 6 months after the events of Clean Sweep and life has returned to normal for Dina....but not for long ;) Her Inn is set to host the volatile peace talks between three warring species. Her livelihood hinges on the outcome and she ends up being pushed into a precarious position to protect her guests.

This book features 4 characters as adults who were kids in The Edge series. It isn't necessary to read The Edge books before this one but you should anyway cause those books are great!

Andrews manage to blend urban fantasy and science fiction so well with this series. Magic and technology don't usually go together but it's something they make work. Here they've blended the two genres without ever having one take over or feel out of place.



The story doesn't follow the Whodunit style that's very often in urban fantasy books. Instead, we're following the peace talks and the very tricksy Arbitrator wreak havoc in Dina's Inn. It made for much more interesting reading within my favourite genre and I gobbled it up!


Favourite Quote: "This is blasphemy!” Odalon declared in the same way Gerard Butler had once roared “This is Sparta.” Sadly, Odalon had nobody to kick into a bottomless hole for emphasis, so he settled for looking extremely put out.” 

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